Total Control Access System

FRE  since 1981 has been manufacturing  “Control Systems” for Commercial  Salt Water Disposal, Fresh Water, and Brine Water Sales Locations.

FRE  understands the need of operators of SWD’s, Fresh and Brine Sales  Locations.  Our commitment is to serve the industry with control panels  designed specifically with you and your customers in mind.  Our systems  are user friendly and require little from the trucker to operate.

In  selecting a monitoring system for your SWD, Fresh or Brine sales  location you cam rely on unmatched technology of “ Total Control” Access  Systems.

Our  “Total Control” package approach of manufacturing, marketing, and  service include a wealth of field experience with systems developed   only after careful understanding of the problems and needs of both the  operator and the trucking firms.

 Thanks  to our multiple safe guards and operational abilities, these reliable  systems can completely eliminate  the need for a manned disposal, fresh  or brine water sales location. 


4' x 8'

Self Contained

Skid Mounted

Dual Load Line



•Account Name/Number
•Driver Number
•TRRC Well Number
•Barrels Unloaded
•Time on line
•Line Used
•SD Card Stored Information


Information retrievable

is available by an SD Card, or

can be provided by modem

for computer and

smart phone access


FRE’s new  line of “Total Control” Access Systems will increase revenue, cut costs,  and perhaps save your well bore. The state of the art PLC/Interface  including software are designed control systems for SWD’s, Fresh water,  and Brine water Sales locations. A  driver simply enters his pre assigned account and driver number and  follows prompts from the screen.  The system you choose will do the rest  with preprogrammed software , acct numbers and driver numbers. The rest is automatic eliminating the need of a 24 hour attendant. Any  account can be validated or invalidated.  The systems can count loads  or barrels and eliminates overflows and costly cleanups, as well as prevents the dumping of mud and BS&W.

Custom designed for open pit and tank operations